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Patio heaters are a must-have in the winter season.

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A Vintage Bridal Shower Tea

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Showering a bride-to-be with gifts and good wishes is a lovely tradition, and a fête that is uniquely hers makes the day memorable. While it’s easy—and appreciated—to purchase a gift from the registry, an unexpected set of exquisite, mismatched vintage teacups makes a great surprise for the guest of honor.

Here’s how it works:

●        In the invitation, ask each guest to bring one pretty vintage teacup to the shower. (The hostess may want to have a few additional teacups at the ready in case a guest forgets.)

●        Also encourage guests to wear any long, old-fashioned gloves they may have; it is a vintage tea party! Older family members will be delighted to dust a pair off, and younger attendees will enjoy playing dress-up. (The organizers may want to provide some at the shower for ladies to borrow and wear.)

●        Be sure to ask one guest, perhaps the hostess or the organizers, to gift the bride-to-be with a tea pot.

●        At the shower, set aside a small table or area for guests to drop off the teacup they brought, and then encourage everyone to use them! At the end of the party the bride has a pretty mismatched tea set to take home as a sweet memento of the day.

●        This sort of shower makes figuring out the favors easy! A tin of tea, a strainer and some honey (or any combination thereof) is great with the theme.

Note: Vintage tea cups and old-fashioned long gloves can be found at thrift stores, estate sales, church/synagogue or can come from one’s own collection—trés eco-friendly! It’s especially meaningful if family members have an heirloom teacup they’re willing to give.

About Planning an Event

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Planning an event is a specific skill that not everybody has.  In order to be successful when it comes to event planning you need to be detail oriented, have good communication skills, and be able to follow up with various vendors.  Without these traits you are very likely to miss some of the important aspects needed when planning a major event.

Something that you must keep in mind when planning any event is to know who your guests will be.  The way you would plan an event for a group of children will differ greatly when planning that same type of event for adults.  Knowing your guests’ interests will allow you to book the right entertainment, order the best food, and set up the appropriate activities so that your guests will have the best time possible.

Choosing the right venue is also an important part of event planning.  The correct venue can really make or break your event.  If you select a venue that is too small there will not be enough room for all of your guests to enjoy your event they way that you intended.  If the venue is too large you risk the chance of paying too much money and unnecessarily increasing your costs.  The size of your group will help determine what type of venue you will need for your event.  If you are planning a small birthday party for a dozen or so guests a restaurant might be your best option as many locations are able to offer you a private room to use for your party, while utilizing the cooking staff they have on hand for the meal.  However, if you are planning a large corporate event you may want to rent out a meeting room in a hotel or convention center, where you will be able to hire a catering service to handle all of your cooking needs.

When it comes to planning a great event you will want to keep many different things in mind when making the preparations such as number of people attending, food that will be served, decorations, and entertainment.  If you keep these four main aspects of a large event in mind when starting your planning you will quickly see just what needs to be included to make your event a success.  Knowing how many people are going to come will allow you to pick the venue first, which will make the rest of your decisions a lot easier as certain locations will reduce the number of options you have when it comes to the menu, decorations and entertainment.

About Meeting Planning

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For any company being able to plan large scale corporate meetings is essential to the growth and prosperity of your business.  Many corporations will have a team of employees whose job responsibilities include planning these corporate meetings and conferences.  If you have the ability to pay attention to detail and follow up with vendors and reservation takes you could parlay those skills into a nice career as a corporate meeting planner.

When planning a corporate event you will need to first decide on the location of your event.  For local corporate meetings that involve just one company a hotel or resort may be your best option.  Larger hotels will offer several choices of conference rooms providing ample space for your corporate event.  Also, if some of your employees will be coming from out of state a hotel offers them a place to sleep for the night making their trip for the even an easy one as they will never have to leave the hotel premises.

For larger corporate meetings and industry conventions you will need a much larger space than a hotel or resort could offer.  For these types of meetings you would want to consider one of the larger convention centers around the country.  If you would expect guests to travel from all over the U.S. for your corporate event then you could easily plan your show in one of the nicer travel destination cities in the country.  Places such as Las Vegas and San Diego are well known for their expansive convention centers and fun night life, allowing your guests to enjoy themselves when not in the corporate conference.  Planning your next corporate meeting at one of these fun locations is also a nice way to give back to your employees by offering them a mini vacation while having to attending corporate meetings.

Another thing to keep in mind when planning your next corporate meeting is that you will need to book someone to speak at your event.  If you are planning a large corporate convention it is probably best to reach out to industry leaders to discuss the hot topics in the industry.  For smaller corporate meetings that involve just one company you may want to consider motivational speakers, business development speakers or just the company CEO to discuss the goings on within the corporation itself.  If you just take a moment to think about what the overall theme of the event is supposed to be you should get a pretty good idea of who would be an ideal speaker at your event.

Corporate meeting planning is not as difficult as many people want to make it out to be.  As long as you are able to pay attention to details and follow up with various vendors you can turn your abilities into a nice career as a corporate meeting planner.  The majority of planning a corporate meeting comes down to selecting the location, either a local hotel for smaller events or fun, travel destination city such as San Diego or Las Vegas for large industry wide conventions.  Once you determine the overall theme and size of your event you will easily be able to decide on an appropriate speaker for your event all but essentially planning your next corporate meeting right there.

FAQ for Event Planners using

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Services & Terms

Q. How does the pricing work? Most prices quoted are for a one day event. If you desire to use rental items for a longer period, please call our office for long term rates. All charges are for time out, whether used or not.
Q. How and when do I pay? Payment is due before items are released to a customer. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Local personal checks are accepted with a valid driver’s license.
Q. When should I make my reservation? Early planning ensures product availability. During the peak rental season we reserve the right to ask for a deposit to confirm a reservation. The reservation fee is your assurance that the items requested will be available on the day you request.
Q. What about changes in my order? If an order is canceled at least 7 days prior to the scheduled date, the entire deposit will be refunded. The exception is tent rentals. If a tent is canceled at any time, the entire deposit will be forfeited. Additions to an order are welcome subject to availability (see delivery/pickup question).
Q. Is there a charge for delivery/pickup? Yes, depending on area.  There are minimum order requirements based on different areas. Please call our office for info.
Q. When will my merchandise be delivered/picked up?The delivery and pickup dates will be noted on your reservation contract by our consultants at the time you place your order.
Q. What time of the day will my merchandise be delivered/picked up? Each of our trucks have many stops during one day. Schedules are made several days ahead. You may request AM (8 to 12) or PM (12 to 5) delivery/pickup if necessary. Specific time delivery/pickup can be scheduled at an additional fee.
Q. Can I make changes on an order if it is being delivered? Additions made after 12 noon on the day before a scheduled delivery are welcome, subject to availability, but may incur an additional delivery fee.
Q. What if I’m not home when the truck delvers/picks up? If you know you will not be home, please call our office with instructions as to where the merchandise is to be left. If you are not home and we have no instructions it will cause a delay and an extra cost to you for rescheduling a truck.
Q. What type of service can I expect when the truck arrives? Standard delivery/pickup charges are for tailgate drop off. If delivery/pickup is to be made to a specific floor or area an additional labor charge may be incurred. Our personnel are instructed to neatly stack all items in a mutually convenient place. Special containers are provided for china, silver, glassware, etc., to ensure that you receive your items sanitized, undamaged, sparkling, and table ready.
Q. Will my rental equipment be set up and taken down? Set up and take down services are available at an additional charge. These arrangements MUST be made in advance of delivery and pickup.
Q. What is my responsibility for merchandise return? Responsibility for equipment remains with the renter from time of receipt to time of return. Tables and chairs should be knocked down, stacked and ready for pickup. Items not meeting these conditions are subject to additional fees. All china, silver, glassware, etc. should be rinsed food-free and repacked in the same containers in which they were received. Linens should be refuse-free and dry to prevent staining and mildew. Laundry bags and/or boxes are provided with linen orders; please return them in those containers. Mildewed linens returned in plastic bags will be charged to the customer.
Q. What happens if something is broken, damaged, or missing? We do charge for missing, broken, damaged, and weathered damaged items. Be sure equipment is secured when not in use and protected from weather. We do offer DAMAGE WAIVER as an optional rental feature. This waiver relieves the renter of liability for accidental damage to rented items with the exception of tents, tables, and chairs. This fee is 8.5% of the rental charge. All items damaged or broken MUST be returned to All Affairs to be covered under the damage waiver. MISSING ITEMS WILL NOT BE COVERED.
More information can be found on our website at!

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